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Since foundation, more than 40 years ago,ALWIN HÖFERT Co. has continued to accumulate its technical capability and know-how on seals as a manufacturer who is specialized in this field.

From a rather small set-up in 1963 AHH has grown up to well-known medium-scale enterprise with high graded performance, extensive know-how and innovation power. Today, AHH has established as a modern, steadfast production system that ensures the high quality of products.


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The works are located at the northern periphery of the city of Hamburg and AHH co-operates closely with all branches and production lines in Italy.


AHH operates with most modern machinery, has an own workshop for moulds and dies as well as highly sophisticated quality managment system. AHH Quality standard is duly certified and fully approved acc. to DIN/ISO 9001. AHH holds the coverring QS-certificate and AHH-products in sealing technique enjoy an international reputation. 


We manufacture and supply:

Cord Rings with hot vulcanised joint
Moulded Rubber Parts
FEP-/PFA-Ncaps-O-Rings, seamless with rubber core 
PTFE-semifished parts
Liquid Silikon Seals
Flat Rings, Gaskets, Packings


AHH serves custumer like:



aero- and space technique
automobile industry
chemical industry
electrical industry and electronics 
environment technique
fitting industry
food- and beverage industry
hydraulics and pneumatics
machine builders
medical industry
petrol and allied industry
ship builders
power industry, incl. nuclear
pump manufacturer