Our production system is fully abreast with the advances of modern technology for a demanding market to meet f. e.

- high quality standard (DIN/ISO 9001) for durable products

- short time delivery

- reasonable pricing

our tool making shop is equipped with all technical facilities. Our qualified tool designers are familiar with sophisticated problems  and how to solve them. This ensures speedy procurements for customised moulds and our independence of pre-suppliers. 

            Moreover, our large stock of moulds and dies - more then 15000 different sizes - helps us to keep our flexibility on a high level.

All rubber compounds required for production are processed in our own mixing department. Apart from maintaining a large stock of raw materials, we are in constant touch with the leading suppliers of raw synthetic/natural rubbers and further essential rubber additives to make sure that our custumers benefit from the lastest developments in rubber technology. This is an all-important aspects for all manufacturers of high quality rubber products.

Last, not least, our final inspection department has an eye on each and every seal before it leaves our works. All this andand the above is in full compliance with our quality managment system DIN/ISO 9001. We have our works in Hamburg Ammersbek and production lines in North-Italy.


We manufacture and supply:

Cord Rings with hot vulcanised joint
Moulded Rubber Parts
FEP-/PFA-Ncaps-O-Rings, seamless with rubber core 
PTFE-semifished parts
Liquid Silikon Seals
Flat Rings, Gaskets, Packings